5th International Disability Inclusion Symposium

Tokyo, Japan

Our 5th IDIS will be held in December 2024 to coincide with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. IDIS is a symposium to bring together ASEAN countries and Pacific Region countries to share knowledge and progress towards disability inclusion. We will post more information in the upcoming months.

IDIS 2023 Program

About Symposium

IDIS on Higher Education and Career is a symposium to bring together ASEAN countries and Pacific Region countries to share knowledge and progress towards disability inclusion. It is the first of its kind in this region to focus on higher education and career issues for individuals with disabilities. The symposium has been a collaboration of Platform of Higher Education and Disability project at RCAST, The University of Tokyo, AUN-DPPNet at University of Malaya and the Center on Disability Studies at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa.









Symposium Schedule

18 Feb., 2023

10 : 00 AM - 10 : 10 AM


Opening and Welcome Speeches

Presenters Takeo Kondo & Yahaya Ahmad

10 : 10 AM - 10 : 50 AM

Day 1 Keynote Speaker ASEAN

"Opportunities to Work of Persons with Disabilities in Thailand"

Presenter Issavara Sirirungruang

11 : 00 AM - 11 : 40 AM

Day 1 Keynote Speaker JAPAN

"Short time work: An employment system with “ultra” short working hours for people with disabilities"

Presenter Tomomi Yokomizo

11 : 40 AM - 12 : 25PM

Lunch Break

Lunch Break. During lunch break, there is AT library showcase online. Session resumes at 12:25 PM.

12 : 25 PM - 13 : 25 PM

Country Talk #1

Country Talk #1 Accessibility auditing in Cambodia and Bhutan; Essential components in school-to-work transition in Singapore; Employment and Disability (Myanmar)

Presenters Erico Abordo, Delina Swee & Mynt Naing Kyaw

13 : 35 PM - 14 : 20 PM

Country Talk #2

Country Talk #2 Support in higher education in Taiwan and Online learning as reasonable accommodation in Japan.

Presenters Yi-An Yu & Takanori Waki

14 : 25 PM - 14 : 30 PM

Day 1 Closing Discussion

Key topics will be summarized and shared

Presenter Takeo Kondo and Kiriko Takahashi

19 Feb., 2023

8 : 50 AM - 9: 00 AM

Day 2 Welcome

Day 2 Welcome

Presenter Masakazu Sugiyama

9 : 00 AM - 9 : 40 AM

Day 2 Keynote Speaker

"Role of Office of Vocational Rehabilitation in supporting students and persons wtih disabilities"

Presenter Arlene Yamagata

9 : 50 AM - 11: 05 AM

Student Showcase #1

"Engaging Japanese and American youth in digital storytelling and disability advocacy: Shared stories and reflections"

Presenters Multiple (Heike Boeltzig-Brown, Saori Kusumoto, Allison Myers, Rani Sanderson, Rachel Clarke, Taylor Carley, Kiina Wakiyama, Dan Ito, Deidra Denson, Louis (Lou) Paniccioli, Yui Higashikawa)

11 : 15 AM - 11 : 40AM

Employer Program: ASEAN perspective

"“Bursting through the barricades: Tranmuting towards multiple-helix collaborative approaches of employment inclusion policy for talented individuals with disabilities"

Presenter Sayed Mawismi Sayed Mohamad Mustar

11 : 40 AM - 12 : 25PM

Lunch Break

Lunch Break

Zoom Room AT library showcase online

12 : 25 PM - 13 : 25 PM

Day 2 Featured Speakers:Innovations in Higher Education

This session will feature two innovative works within college and university settings.

Presenters Shigehiro Namiki & Eric Folk

13 : 35 PM - 14 : 35 PM

Student Showcase #2

"Students’ voices from ASEAN countries: How will we change the world."" This session is facilitated by Sajja Koirala, who is a Ph.D. student.

Presenters Sajja Koirala, Nitcharee Peneakchanasak, Ryanesh Pannicker, Fira Fitri Fitria, Ivan Harris Tanyag, and Kelly Hwang (tentative)

14 : 40 PM - 15: 00 PM


Closing discussion.

Presenter Robert Stodden & Takeo Kondo

Keynote & Featured Speakers

Issavara Photo

Dr. Issavara Sirirungruang

Lecturer, Ratchasuda College, Mahidol University

Yokomizo photo

Tomomi Yokomizo

Member, Diversity & Inclusion Section, CSR Planning Dept. CSR Division, Soft Bank, Corp.

Arlene Yamagata

Arlene Yamagata

Case Services Manager, CNMI Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

Namiki photo

Dr. Shigehiro Namiki

Associate Professor, RCAST, The University of Tokyo

Folk Photo

Eric Folk

Assistant Specialist, CDS, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Organizers & Partners

Symposium is now completed

Symposium is now completed. Thank you for those who attended.

IDIS 2023 Program

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